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Posted 05 June 2020

Redken Haircare


It’s all soooo confusing??

My hair is splitting & breaking!
My hair is dry & frizzy!
My hair is heavily coloured and it’s in such bad condition!

Let me try to give you a simple explanation.

Protein & Strength
If you have coloured hair eg- highlights, full head colour, bleach or Balayage and it’s dry and breaking, your hair is crying out for STRENGTH (PROTEIN).
Because your hair feels dry, if you try to fix your hair with moisture this will increase the breakage as the added moisture will eventually become sooo soft it will be equivalent to having CANDY FLOSS stretchy hair.
Hence why you need to STRENGTHEN the hair by using the PROTEIN range.

Moisture & Hydration
Now, if your hair feels and looks frizzy, dry dull and it’s not heavily coloured you need to use Moisture and softness products.
So exactly the opposite of above…. Your hair is crying out for Hydration & Moisture.

As you try to decide what your hair needs, sometimes it’s best to have a bit of a combo….
For example:

-After using PROTEIN products for a while, your will feel brittle and dry, this is part of the strengthening process so you can use a Protein shampoo then Moisture treatment or conditioner.
-After using MOISTURE products for a while, your hair maybe in need of body and volume, so again you can use a combo of Protein shampoo with a hydrating conditioner

There is never a moment where you will find the perfect “ just protein or just moisture “ that you will use forever as the nature and condition of your hair is always changing.


Pure LUXURY haircare that has a variety of ranges from STRENGTH, PROTEIN, VOLUME, MOISTURE, HYDTRATION, DEFRIZZ & SHINE.

The ranges are:
-EXTREME - (Protein & Strength)
Ideal for Bleached, broken, colour damaged hair.

-COLOUR EXTEND- (Protein & Moisture)
Ideal for colour protection and reduces colour fade.

-COLOUR EXTEND BLONDAGE- (Protein & Moisture).
With the unique anti brass blue tonal colour, this with maintain your blonde whilst keeping great condition.

-HIGH RISE- (Volume, Protein) Creates Body and volume for fine thin hair.

-ALL SOFT- (Moisture) pure softness and hydration.

-ALL SOFT MEGA- (Light Moisture)
Light weight moisture that gently restores the softness.

Great for dry frizzy hair by rebalancing the hydration to create a sleeker frizz Free feel.

Quick & easy leave in hair treatments-

-ONE UNITED SPRAY, (25 in 1)
Easy to use… Simply spray onto the hair after Shampoo & conditioned then towel dry and spray in.
Detangles, heat protector , leave in treatment…. 25 benefits in 1 spray. And defo not oily or greasy

-ANTI-SNAP- A very lightweight LEAVE-IN protein strengthening cream. Absorbs into the hair without a greasy feel
Simply shampoo then condition. Once towel dried use 3 - 5 pumps and apply to mid lengths & Ends.

MOISTURE leave-in cream for fizziness.
Applied after Shampoo & Condition. Restores the softness and smoothness to the hair.

I’m happy to advise you for the perfect combination.
Please message me via this website
Call -020 7237 2624 and I can organise this Haircare pack for you.

Ultimate Luxury Haircare
-Shampoo- £16
-Intense Treatment- £26
-Conditioner- £18
-Leave in QUICK treatments - £18.95
(One United spray, Anti-Snap, Frizz Dismiss-Rebel Tame)

Spend over £40 receive 10%disc
(inc- Postage & Packing)
Also if local, I will personally try to deliver.
This would really help support us as a small business