Onay- Director / Senior Stylist
    (The happy go lucky people pleaser ) Happy hair Happy life.

    Well after being in the Hair industry over 30 years (I really don’t look old enough, so I’ve been told) I absolutely love my career.
    I’m a great believer in constant education and self development. From improving and expanding my professional skills to self development.

    My real BUZZ is achieving Happy Hair & Happy clients. If you have hair anxieties or even the thought of stepping into a salon causes you Stress and gives you the shakes, I’m here to listen to your hair issues and hair dreams and we can aim for your hair goals with the priority of home manageability whilst maintaining the strength and condition to your hair.

    Since establishing the salon from 2000 I have a vast loyal clientele that I am humble to have. Clients have moved to other parts of the world from Australia and New Zealand to the U.S.A and Europe they still come here for me to manage there hair.

    My strengths are Cutting and Blow-drying, Working with all types of hair from Straight & fine, to coarse, thick, curly middle eastern hair.
    But don’t worry if you simply want a trim or if you want a complete restyle and change of look I can help advise you to achieve HAPPY HAIR.

    Another big part of my skills, is the big world of COLOUR. I am LOREAL Colour trained and have a vast experience for the latest looks and trends such as Ombre, Balyage, Baby-lights, Micro-lights.
    Or are you looking for a colour change from Home box dye disasters to a complete new colour and tone, I can best advise and show you what can be achieved.

    Outside the salon I spend a lot of time with my beautiful wife who is a my world.
    I also really enjoy keeping fit and hit the gym and you may even find me at the gym on the odd occasion at 3am.
    I enjoy running but not quite marathon level yet. But above all I really appreciate each day and always have a positive attitude.


    Assistant Manager/Advance Stylist

    Terri: The Lounge Colour Technician

    Our Terri started as a Saturday assistant way back in 2002. She realised she had a natural passion for Hair and thought “This is the job for me”

    Once she finished her G.C.S.E’s, she quickly completed her N.VQ levels 2 and 3 in the hairdressing industry. She decided to extend her knowledge and skills also completed an N.V.Q level 2 Beauty Therapy qualification.

    Terri has a very professional approach with all aspects of hairdressing. She is known for delivering a thorough and honest consultation to achieve results, whilst listening to client’s needs and expectations. Terri cuts and styles Ladies & Men’s hair with a number of years of experience behind her.

    Terri is an absolute WIZZ with all aspects of colour, which is how she has become known as THE LOUNGE COLOUR TECHNICIAN.
    So if you desire a certain colour,
    -Want to maintain your current tone,
    -Ombre/ Balayage,
    -Or if you need a colour correction because your home colour failed you, she is here to help..

    One of Terri’s many roles as an assistant manager includes training and support to new members of The Lounge team. Whilst giving continuous support and guidance to all members of the salon team. She truly is – The Salon Mother.


    Krystel – Advance Stylist / Beauty Therapist
    (The Salon Angel- well, 80% Angel anyway!)

    Well…… where DO we start with Krystel?? – Always happy with a big beautiful smile, her warm welcoming and bubbly personality constantly shines through.

    Krystel is actually qualified both as a Hair Stylist and a Beauty Therapist. She joined The Lounge Family way back in 2004 as a Saturday assistant while at school.

    After her education she studied and completed her Beauty Therapy NVQ level 2 course following which, she then had the fantastic opportunity to work within The Lounge Salon.

    She quickly furthered her career quickly completing the NVQ level 2 & 3 Hairdressing qualifications.

    Krystel has a friendly and informal approach with her clients but still has a strong underlying professionalism that makes her clients stay loyal.

    She has a passion for all aspects of Cutting, from just a “ little trim and tidy up” to complete restyling, she will always throw a suggestion your way in case you are becoming bored of your current look.

    Another strong point to her skills are Styling, Party hair, Wedding hair and Up-do’s. She truly has magic hands for creativity.

    Outside of the salon she loves spending loads of time with her family and going away for weekends to her holiday home.

    Also, to let you in on a little secret, she’s obsessed with cleaning but also loves “bling and sparkles.”
    She truly is an Angel……… but every now and again her Halo does slip.


    Tyler is our new addition to The Lounge Salon team.
    She is newly qualified Stylist, full of enthusiasm and also a Beauty Therapist.

    She will honestly advice and recommend treatments tailored to your Hair and Beauty needs.

    If you feel nervous or uncomfortable with any aspects of Beauty or Hair services, Tyler will make you feel relaxed and at ease whilst being professional.


    Salon Trainee and assistant